Baked with Love...Served with Pride


The Little Bake Shop, Local Bakery in Valley Cottage, NY


Local Bakery in Valley Cottage, New York


Remember when baked goods were made from scratch?  The Little Bake Shop does. This community bakery offers tasty sweets, specialty cakes, and Gluten Free desserts.

CONTACT US:  Located at 491 Kings Highway in Valley Cottage,

The Little Bake Shop (LBS) is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9AM to 5PM. Call us at 845-268-5511 or come visit us at area Farmers Markets (June through October).


We realize that it is easy to pick up some sort of baked thing at your local supermarket, but what are you really getting?  At The Little Bake Shop we care enough not to use bags of cake mixes and buckets of chemically enhanced fillings and icings.  We  hope that educated consumers will take the time to drive just a bit out of their way to try our product. We think it matters what we put in our cakes, pies, and cookies.

Rhubarb Pie, Local Bakery in Valley Cottage, NY

Contact us at (845) 268-5511 for more information regarding our local bakery.